Today's human, more than any period of its history, needs the beauty that lies in the shade of art. Art in our world is not only a haven for the horror of war and bloodshed, but also it is a way to confront the darkness and the wickedness that surrounds us. Unfortunately, even this cure has been infected by corruption caused by rape, political work and mafia. Meanwhile, a great deal of genuine art talent in this field is being destroyed.

We have to admit that solving this problem requires a movement for the liberation of art from the money launderers and mediators. Cheetart has been created with the aim of leading this movement and breaking the monopoly of art in the hands of internationally renowned real and legal intermediaries. Cheetart is trying to find a way to identify less talented and less-known artists to art lovers, collectors; also it tries to be a place for rejoining art and artists.

In this artistic platform, we have tried not only to display the artworks of creative, young, and anonymous artists, but also to publish the news and artworks. We also provide a place for art lovers and supporters to purchase the artwork that they love. That is why we have started our way among Middle Eastern artists, but this is only the beginning of this trend. Cheetart tries its best to restore the true value of arts, their beauty, and their aesthetic aspects.

We are honoured to be the most honest and transparent in the artwork deals and to give the highest benefits to the artists.

The Cheetart site has been created since 2016 after a careful investigation. It tries to work in three different areas:

1. Display artworks and introduce artists

2.Sale and auction the artworks

3. Publish the information, news, and artistic events

Those interested in purchasing these works can register in the site, complete their personal information, and check any of their favorite items into the wishlist and then wait for the Cheetart's Trading Team to call them. Terms and conditions for each artwork is different from the other one. Both parties will negotiate the terms on telephone conversations or in some cases on-site visits.

About 10 percent of the amount paid for each item sold on Cheetart site will be dedicated to the rescue of the special Asian cheetahs which are in danger of extinction. All the news and information will be released clearly on the site.

The site of Cheetart is totally non-governmental, and the proceeds from it, after deducting current expenses, will be spent on the promotion of artistic talents and on special occasions to solve the environmental problems in the Middle East.

It is worth mentioning that, Cheetart group is honored to have the well known Iranian artist, Aydın Aghdashloo, as its spiritual sponsor and art director.

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